Frequently Asked Questions

Sure® Retail Equipment Limited are the UK's leading Retail Equipment Wholesaler. We pride ourselves on providing Service Unrivalled in Retail Equipment delivering your retail equipment right first time, to specification & on time, every time.

Tell us about your project
Does my business qualify for a trade account with trade discounts?

Keeping costs down has always been a priority but even more so because of COVID.
Sure seeks like-minded, reliable & committed trade partners who can prepare a list of equipment required for a store, understand Sure's offer & work closely with Sure to keep costs down. Sure's Trade Partners achieve this by using Sure's websites, catalogues and order forms to keep orders as clean as possible and to avoid errors.
Lower volume enquiries will be referred to one of Sure's Trade Partners.

When it comes to opening new Trade Accounts decisions are largely discretionary but as a rough guide here are the points we consider;

  • Volume; regular orders are placed to a minimum of say £20,000 per annum.
  • Commitment; Sure are the first choice / preferred supplier for full sites whenever possible.
  • Keeping costs down; use of Sure's websites, catalogues and order forms to keep orders as clean as possible and to avoid errors.
  • Payment; trade accounts are kept within agreed terms.
I need to get my site open on time - Do I need to worry about Stock Availability?

You came to the right place! Sure's supply chain is British. Eden are the sole remaining UK Manufacturer of High Volume Retail Shelving & Sure are Eden's stockholding Service Centre.

Just order what you need with a few spares if you like; should any big changes take place on site you can rely on Sure to get equipment to you on time to get your store open!

Is it worth paying a little bit more for my deliveries? Do I get what I pay for?

In a word - yes! It is all too easy to be attracted to the lowest delivery costs when trying to get a store open & trading. However, the risk of incurring additional costs & delays can far outweigh any difference in delivery charges. We have all driven on UK Motorways & understand that hauliers cannot guarantee punctuality. Like most things in life - you get what you pay for! The options include;

  • A man in a van: Dedicated Drivers with a mobile phone are best used for full sites or whenever deliveries are time critical. E.g. when shopfitters are on site & costs will be incurred if there is any delay.
  • Multiple Handling Pallet Service: Pallets are collected from multiple suppliers by one haulier and taken to a central warehouse hub. A second haulier collects pallets from the hub and delivers them to many sites in a pre-set sequence. You can secure an early slot in the pre-set sequence by paying a premium for pre-10.30 delivery but this is no guarantee save that you will be refunded the extra charge if the equipment does not arrive by 10.30. If you allow £60 per full pallet & £40 for a half pallet UK Mainland you won't go far wrong when quoting. Allow an extra £35 for a pre-10.30 weekday delivery. Please allow 2 pallets spaces for Uprights H141 & above & 3 pallet spaces for H241 & above. Pallets can be tracked but chasing deliveries makes no difference; Pallets arrive when they arrive....
  • Parcel Deliveries: Parcels may seem a cheap option, but individual shelving components are manufactured from sheet metal panels & are very easily damaged however well wrapped. The low price of the delivery is outweighed by items turning up on site unusable. This means that the delivery & the item have to be paid for a second time causing further site delays and other additional costs to be incurred. That is why Sure only use parcels for small boxes of hooks.
When do I use 11cm Uprights rather than 8cm Uprights or even 6cm Uprights? And what about the Heavier Duty Brackets?
  • 11cm Uprights are Heavy Duty for Big Convenience Stores. Heavier Duty Brackets are recommended. (3 & 4 Notch)
  • 8cm Uprights are Medium Duty for Convenience Stores. Heavier Duty Brackets should be considered for the heaviest merchandise. (3 Notch)
  • 6cm Uprights are for Lighter Duty Applications including Pharmacy Stores or gift shops. Standard Brackets are recommended (2 & 3 Notch)

Click here for: Eden Operation & Maintenance Manual.

Should I use a professional shopfitter or is it easy to install the equipment myself?

Installing Eden shelving is straightforward, but it is very easy to do badly. Access to the right fixings, levelling equipment and professional tools are essential & yes; using a professional shopfitter is strongly recommended.

Click here for: Eden Operation & Maintenance Manual.

What documentation can I expect to receive?
  • Sure's document management is fully automated. If you wish to update email addresses, please use this document; (click here)
  • Please check all documentation very carefully. We all incur costs if there are any errors or omissions!
  • The order acknowledgment is your last chance to spot any errors or omissions. This is because the equipment listed is what we will send, when we will send it & where we will send it. If you do not check your order acknowledgment you will inevitably incur costs so please do not miss your chance to make certain you receive the equipment you need when & where you need it.
What if I need to return excess equipment?
  • The honest answer is that you are best not over-ordering in the first place as returns cost you & us money!
  • Sure hold the stocks you need to get your store open & we can deliver any additional items you may need the following working day if you get your order to us before noon.
  • If you do have a few spares, please remember that all working stores need spare equipment for merchandising flexibility plus you can always hang on to the spares and deduct them from your next order.
  • If you have a significant amount of equipment to return such that you consider a return worthwhile; please bear in mind that over & above the delivery charge to get the equipment back to Sure there will be a 20% double handling charge.
  • Only equipment returned in mint condition & still in its original packaging will be credited.
What do I do if I find equipment damaged on delivery?
  • Please make sure you sign the delivery note that your equipment is damaged. No claim can be made if you do not.
  • Please let us know straight away. We deliver to working sites where equipment can get damaged very easily which is why you only have 24 hours from delivery to let us know if anything is damaged.
  • Photos are best; please take photographs and send them to us as soon as you can.
  • If equipment does have to be replaced, please work with us to mitigate transport costs as best you can. One final delivery at the end of your project to complete the site is the most efficient solution.
  • Unfortunately, there is no point in making smaller claims as with all insurance; an excess applies. Currently £50.