Booths have 28 high-end supermarkets located throughout the North of England. SURE provide Booths with their Eden retail shelving, suitable for their supermarket level of stock but with the high quality that each Booths store offers.

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Booths Keswick Flooding

In late 2015 storm Desmond swept across the UK, causing flooding across the west coast. This caused the Booths Keswick store to be under 3ft of water.

SURE stock Eden Retail Shelving ready for 24 hour dispatch which meant Booths were able to complete a pop-up shop.  Booths were able to display product on the run up to Christmas whilst the main store was rebuilt.

Booths Keswick

Due to the extent of the damage in the Keswick store, it was completely rebuilt and opened in April 2016.

Booths invested in future flood resilience as well as green technology whilst also incorporating Eden Retail Shelving.